We are pleased to announce our panel of judges for the films screening at this year's festival. Because we've expanded the number of films to be screened, it was unreasonable of us to expect every judge to sit through nearly 50-hours of content. So, we expanded our panel and made sure that every film will be seen by a minimum of four judges; in some cases, there are films that will be seen by up to six judges. Using a standardized rating system, the scores for each film will then be averaged out to create a final rating. The highest scoring films will then be declared our winners.

DANA KAPROFF is a veteran Film-TV composer with over 100 credits spanning a career of nearly 40-years. His latest film, The Amityville Murders, will open nationwide later this year. MELANIE MCLEAN was a winner at last year’s Jukebox with her world premiere documentary short, Big Hips, Big Dreams. She is currently producing Eating the Enemy, a feature about chef Bun Lai. CARLOS PEDRAZA, whose film career spans 15-years, wrote and produced Something Like Summer, which won Best Narrative Feature and Best of Festival at last year’s Jukebox International Film Festival.
TARA CARRE HALL began producing in 2012 when her short film Envy won Best Comedy at the First Glance Film Festival. She and her producing partner just released their first feature on Amazon Prime. AARON FRANKE is an award-winning filmmaker of short films. He won his first major award for his comedy, Clones, when he was just 17-years old. His most recent film landed him a deal with Amazon. CINNAMIN STEPHENS is a Nevada based filmmaker who brought two music videos to last year’s Jukebox and walked away with a win for one of them, Shine a Light. She’s been busy producing new projects.

LAURENT GOLDSTEIN is a documentary filmmaker originally from France, but now lives in Canada. Last year, he won Best Documentary Feature for his film, To Life, Death and Beyond: The Music of Magma. DAN MCCLOY is responsible for such films as The Witching Hour, Do I Scare You, Zombie A Go Go and Beach Blanket Frankenstein. He lives in Oregon with his coven of blood drinking monkey bats. ALEX FISHERMAN, another 2017 Jukebox winner for his Documentary Feature film, Kids Used to Sing, is originally from Spain, but now resides in San Diego, California. He's currently at work on a new film.

LINDA & MIKE BADINGER are singer-songwriter-composers who worked on many films in the past 2-years. Linda won Best Song for “Love Will Always be Love,” which she wrote for the same-titled film.